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Herbert Friend Hello it's me - Herbert Herbert.Bartram@virginmedia.com
My name is Herbert. I come from Sidmouth in South Devon (where  the Donkey Sanctuary is) and in 1989 I came to live in Mexborough in South Yorkshire with the Bartram Family just before my Mum was born.

My Dad is called Paul, and my Mum is called Claire. I used to belong to my Mum but she got fed up with me and gave me to my Dad when I was about 9. I don’t know why my Mum got fed up with me because I am a really nice bear and I am never naughty.

I live in my Dad’s bedroom and share the top of some drawers with lots of other teddies and things. It sometimes gets dusty but my Dad looks after me fairly well. When my Dad is asleep me and my friends all wake up and play with all his toys on the bedroom floor, it is so much fun.