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Herbert Friend Hello it's me - Herbert Herbert.Bartram@virginmedia.com
I don’t have too many hobbies but I very much like going out with the family in my Granddad’s car. Sometimes we all go on holiday together. I like going on holiday as it is very exciting and I usually get a chance to see and ride on my favourite ........ TRAINS.

I absolutely love TRAINS. I have been on quite a lot and it is my ambition to ride on every train in the world. You may have seen me as I often stand up by the window and wave to everyone as we pass. My favourite train is the Moorlander on the North Yorkshire Moors railway, as not only do we get to have a ride on the train, but there is lots of yummy grub to eat too (and ice-cream!). When I grow up I will probably buy myself a train that I can drive up and down my Granddad’s garden.

My other hobby is eating ice-cream, but my Dad is a bit mean and does not let me have any very often. It’s not very fair of him but I do admit that sometimes I mess up my fur a little bit if I dribble.

I might join the Scouts like my Dad and Mum as they sometimes go on holiday to camp and I would very much like to go too (although I do not think there are any trains or ice-cream).